Conrad Molden is a British comedian who has lived in Aarhus since 2012, performed comedy for over 3.5 years and has worked alongside some of the biggest names is Danish comedy including: Frank Hvam, Tobias Dybvad, Ruben Søltoft and Thomas Warberg.

He’s performed across Denmark with fantastic reception: birthdays in Falster, club nights in Møn, hosted open mics in Aalborg, countless shows in København, Aarhus, Odense etc. and has even entertained the Royal Danish Air Force at Karup Air Base. photo by Valentin Gundersen photo by Bjarne Speth In 2015 Conrad founded and currently co-manages English Stand Up Comedy Aarhus, an organisation which puts on weekly shows, in English, at pubs, clubs and bars across Aarhus. He regularly host these nights with great success and have expanded to hosting nights in cities all over Denmark including large venues is København, Aarhus, Odense and, most recently, a permanent English night in Aalborg.

Conrad’s style is very unique. He looks at Danish culture and life through English-eyes: funny, thoughtful and witty observations with a twist. He examines language and wordplay with careful, hilarious looks at Danmark’s dejlig culture. He likes to ‘look at the small slices of life that really get us a laughing.’ Booking Conrad guarantees a good show and something very special.

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