Bid on a limited edition vinyl of Conrad Molden’s ’DANGLISH’.

In 2017 Conrad toured the great nation of Denmark with his first show ’DANGLISH: A Hyggelicious Comedy Tour’ with more than 30 shows, sold out rooms and extra shows. To celebrate the show we’re auctioning five limited edition copies of the show, on vinyl. All profits are going to ’Danske Hospitals Klovne’, who helps bring a smile to the face of sick kids at hospitals all over Denmark.

After the auction ends, the winners will be contacted and shipment of the vinyl will be arranged.

A hospital clown helps to play down the situation to make it more tolerable for both the child and his or her parents. When spending time with a hospital clown, the child is able to distance itself from its own situation and just be a child like other children – being happy, playing and laughing. It enhances the child’s self-esteem and strengthens the ability to handle the situation much better. Read more at:

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